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Crescent Girls School 2006-2009

what a good four years in school.
i've learnt a lot in academics
and i've grown up to become a better person.
had a great time with the teachers and friends as well :D
although i'm glad i dn have to eat canteen food anymore!
but ohwells... it's still sth that i miss in a few years down the road
i would definitely want to thank the teachers for being kind and patient to me.
(think they never scold me cuz they know i'll cry)
thats so sweet of the teachers xD

yepps class of the year 2009 :D
all our faces are somewhere in there .

bidding Ms Chua farewell as she's being promoted to the HQ or sth ...

It's super dark cn only see the outline ._.
but we were on our learning journey xD

PE Youth Olympic Game centre.

Racial harmony day.
thanks to dian who lend me her malay costume :D

Career Day ! everyone looked professional xp

omy i graduated :D:D
i still look like i just graduated from primary school nor T.T

im not so tall luhs :/ i tipped toe. if not i will be one head shorter than them )):
oooh. and i competed with poorani to see who could cry the first.
and obviously i could tear in a few seconds. muahahahas. xD
i win ! :P

This is the only prom picture i have so far!
Ester and Kristy owe me all the pics!

Btw i miss the remedial girls and i did have lots of fun learning with them xD
And and i owe Mrs Tan a meal when i earn my own money $.$



i finally came back to post cause im upset.
but heck dn wanna ruin ppl's day.
arghh but life's nvr fair anws.

livejournal says my last update was uhh 41 weeks ago ._.

anws. posting pic that were LONG due.
so it'll all be random yeah?

F1 Singapore. went with cousins xDxD
Thanks to my uncle who paid for our tickets!

went to fish and co in may with mei and mummy ://

some coussie's wedding. i did makeup for the family! but cant really tell huh ._.

okayy different occasions at cafe cartel. both at night ._.
yippee garden salad with prawns :D:D

yepps. and i will dedicate a post in memory of cgs later if i gt the mood to ;)

went shopping at bugis for my new year clothes already. so i still hv to buy the shoes ):
heard next yrs CNY falls on the same day as Valentines' Day. awwww >.<


Expired: CNY @ M'sia!



my shuai carebear! <3

woooo. hotel bed

yea. trip was kinda fun.
but i've got back my preauricular sinus tract infection again!
i'm guessing its cuz of the dirty swimming pool there.

yea. this is sunway lagoon's theme park. damn big.
took roller coaster ride with daddie.
i believe i can fly!
i believe i can touch the sky xDD

if i've gt the mood den will upload the rest ((:
anw there are like many many parks in all.
we went to water park and adventure park( i think)
wanna go extreme park but meimei underage. tsktsk

the place is so big that the slides and rides and stuff
at the back appears to be miniature!

blahblahblah. do visit there!


p/s: (VALENTINES DAY IS COMING!) <--------------- reminderr ((:

new pictures!

" xue yuan guan xi de ai ! "

my sis having a ride to school! ( dam pampered rite!)


" fei xue yuan guan xi de ai!"


<33 new bedlinen for CNY!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Pinkberry ALL THE WAY!

birthday girl !



Another year passed!
bittersweet 16!
mum treated me to dinner xD

and as usual i ate till i wanna.

!@#!#@!@#!! puke.

Ate at 10 chefs restaurant or was it 7? ._.
food was good. and they know how to ATTRACT THE YOUNGSTERS
and they are super friendly and nice!
the chef came out to ask if the food was gd! <--- so cute!!


chrissie was drinking hot choco /w MARSHMELLIES!
sam took the eggy one "baked cheese pasta with creamy white sauce and scambled eggs"
mum had the aglio olio and i had " baked cheese paste in black pepper with hotdogs!"

tomato soup with paste!                                                                 OREO freeze!

after we had our main course, the waitress gave us some pens to doodle on their glass!
since it was my bday......... TADAH!

cant see much....
1: *heart-shape* kim ( in red)
2: happy bir/thday kim rocks( in red)

ohhh. and i had cheese fries as well. but i was too full to eat any more den 2 LONNGGGG fries!
okay. and i dint wanna have a b'day cake.
they dint buy the cake.
cuz i dint want.
but my mum sneak out to buy at like 11 + going to next day
haha but thanks for that too. the cake was actually quite nice! tiramisu <3

yea. no more bday pics! all unglam cuz wearing house clothes.



Life's been no good at all...
i hate going school............
life in CCA has been much better than b4..

while talking about people in my class.

its horrible!

have always been wanting to cry...

cried once or twice but ...

im a stronger girl now (:


arghh. i've always felt like changing school.

but for the sake of my future I SHALL NOT.

i'm super lonely in class.

maybe i've got an attitude??

like.... how would i noe. someone in class must tell me right?

well i've not been blogging recently damn busy.

and just had sec 1 orientation campfire.

sec4  dance were quite okay ((:


but still i dn like to go school.

i excused myself to the toilet to cry abit

when i was going to class the tcher ask if im tired.

TT obviously i said yes.

i've been walking alone... it feels so empty in me.

people complain bout having too many fwens to go lunch/dinner with

while im left to complain tt i hv no one to eat with.

i either need to hv the thick skin to ask for ppl im not close to accompany me


i simply skip the meal despite my stomach hating me.

cuz. im not trying to save face of eating alone...
but cuz i noe i will cry when i'm alone.

although how strong one may be...
they will still  break down due to such problems.

im really afraid it will affect my studies alot.

cuz i've been crying and doing hw.
sometimes i just cnt think about anything else other than this.
it's always been the same problem since i step foot into crescent.
is it not the place for a girl like me to be in?

i nvr wanted to cry in front of my friends. i succeeded as for now
i will be thot as a baby wanting attention right.

live is NO GOOD FOR ME.
will someone attend church with me?@!#!!!

in the 3 yr  + i had no good fwen

was dam hurt tt A said that we're not as a gd fwen to her than her pri sch fwen.

imagine all my sec life with her. and she tells me so.

i feel that i'm drifting away and everyone's gonna outcast me
very soon.

birthday is coming.

"bitter sixteen"
and it just gets worse every year

i do not have any mood for celebration.

or maybe to celebrate my sorrow should be okay.

idk what i can do now.

i feel so hopeless and numb

hv been thru this emotional roller coaster over n over again

there must be something wrong with me.

and WIKIHOW IS DEFINITELY wrong by saying that

we being leftout is not entirely our own fault.

if it isnt my fault. den who's it ?

all those that have nice fwens????

been hving the same problem since sec 1.

i badly wanna smile . but i cn hardly do so. 

i had no group in project work only until the tcher PUT ME INTO ONE

my gd fwens dn even bother bout me.

tt i dint ask maybe i wasnt on their fwen list altho i thot i was.

she asked my partner instead who has her own group of fwens.

but early in the morn... my 2  supposedly "good" fwens just left the classroom

without me... had to walk alone to the parade sq/hall

n i asked them why they dint wait... they simply said "ohyah i forgot"

den i just had to "oh"

alot of times i've been keeping the feelings tt i dislike to myself....

i dislike ppl being late for meetings/lesson etc.

i will just give a friendly reminder to those who're late

like who listens?

or maybe i should stop asking them to be quick? will tt even help.

my seating partner now hardly talks to me...

dk if she's trying to concentrate or wad.

or maybe becuz i have alot of problems with my hw

and i keep asking her.................. she sometime just dao me

and i will have to grit my teeth and try to chill.

but i will just let it be...


Expired: sentosa trip (I)

had heaps of fun dere.
went there after sending canadian coussie off

reached there at abt 4pm. check in time was 3pm T.T

so we went into the room, 615 den we realised TV wasnt working.

haha so gt it changed. and we asked for an additional bed for $120

den we slacked there!

went to look around our resort first... went to rooftop garden...swimming pool & all

i love the setting at the resort! all nature stuffs. but the bad part of it is u will see lots of insects.

like huge bugs that cn even fly from flowers to other flowers o.o

thot that kinda size would make them too heavy for flight. nvm ._.


look at the sentosa monorail line :D                                          -entrance to carpark at SilosoBeachResort-

p/s: my mouth/gum ulcer was really bad. couldnt talk much/smile!
so i looked really unfriendly ahaha. 


this is the reception area. all the flowers are fresh!! :D:D

photos by me ;D:D



had a really bad x'mas this yr...
tho i gt pressies


its still really bad.

wanted to go out at first.

but it was a kill-joy...

besides that im not in gd terms with my mum and all.

we dint talk for sometime already.

SHES the cold one.

then dad talked to me ytd night....

cried again.


i was reading my book in the morn.

audition-ed awhile.... like ALONE.

went to sleep again... cuz im sad.

den was forced to get up for dinner...

my mum used sam as a messanger.

she says if i dn get up she will not pack back for me.

so...arghh. worst x'mas ever !

forget it since its already the past.
dn wanna dampen any good mood

well i've got lots of sentosa photos anw :D:D
and some on christmas eve, countdown to the day itself!

al the photos aren't gd.
so i'll stop here :(

merry x'mas to all.
hope you ppl had a gd christmas
. (unlike mine)


ohh btw. going sentosa for 3days tmr.

yea.. the food portion was @2#$#%#%#@ huge!
and our neighbour keep seving us alot alot of food.
he put 2 mutton on my plate T.T
the tarts were good.
and the greenish drink as well :X
and people there noe me....
but idk them !! T.T

mmm. there are other pics with my coussie.. will post them when i get it! :D

After shopping at taka... went to jumbo seafood restaurant at East Coast Park!
yepps. sam, mum jo-ann and aunt sherry bought handbags...
i dint get anything T.T
and on the car ride... chrissie knocked her head on my lips...
its kinda swollen now.... i need to speak WITH alot of EFFORT!

ehhh thats mine and joann's hand >>>>>>>
ermm sad to say tt i gave up on the crab!
its so friggin hard to remove the freakin shell.

ohh gosh.....i need to be spoonfed!

Dishes we had:
mee goreng
crab with sauce (those usual sauce)
blackpepper crab
bread ( man tou)
fried rice
brocolli with scallop
400g of prawns
and i cant rmb o.o

Coussie will come to our house late noon ~!


I did not go there tho.
pictures taken by dad

my sister enjoyed it.....
haha the characters are soo cute ~